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Moza Air 2S battery doesn't stay charged

I just purchased the Moza Air 2S. Fresh out the box, the battery would not charge. The blue light will flash once and just turn off. I have been trying to get in contact with someone and no one is responding. 


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I have the same problem. I buyed and returned twice the same model with the same isue.

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Did they issue you a refund?

Purchased through Amazon. They do the whole process

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this happened to me too

Earomi, did one finally work?

Hi Glenn. Not at the moment. It is a pity. I was interested on the features this model for work. I have an urgency. An imminent production and I don't have time to wait and I am forced to look for another. Haven't had a chance to work with it.

They are sending me another one now. This seems to be an ongoing issue with them. If this one is damaged, I’ll be forced to ask for a refund. I wrote a review on this product because this is just terrible smh

i have the same problem. Any suggestions?

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