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Moza R16 FFB problems

I’ve only had the R16 for a week now and the last day I have been experiencing lose of feed back in middle of races. It will still work as driver input after feed back is lost. I am racing in iracing and F1 23. I have the same problem in both games. I would have to exit the game and reload to get feed back to come back. After a few minutes of game play it will go hay wire. It will just pull in one direction or completely shut off any feed back. I have tried the following, reset the base, reset settings, deleted the software and profile folder then reinstalled. I detached all wires then plugged it back in. I do not have IRFFB, I deleted vjoy(use for another game and another controller). I reinstalled both games i defaulted all settings in game and in moza software. I am lost I really like this wheel and hoping it is something I am missing.
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