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Problem when using Mimic motion in the Moza Master App

Hi all,

I have a problem using the Mimic motion function on the Moza Master app. As soon as I hit Start to turn on the mimic motion, the Aircross 2 gimbal violently pans and tilts in the span of a second or two. Most of the times the gimbal pans to around -90 degrees as well as tilts completely down before slowly coming back up. After this short violent movement the mimic motion still works normally. But sometimes the movements have been so wild and violent that I've had one of my lenses hit one of the axis when doing this.

I have tried the app on two different phones, issue occurs on both. I also updated the firmware on the gimbal to 01.00.06. Before trying to use the mimic motion, I've always calibrated the gyro and accelerometer, autotuned and balanced my setup correctly. So I'm running out of ideas.

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