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Moza mini P just not stable.

Opened a ticket over a month ago and haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe someone can help me here. Here’s the text: Body: Hello, I purchased the Mini P and have only used it the most 10 hours off and on about 20 minutes at a time the whole time I've had it. I take it out to charge and that's about it. I've been very busy since I bought it with life events and had no time to use it. Last week I took it out to finally use it and begin filming. But the device does not work as intended. It vibrates with the slightest movement and even on it's tripod stationary it vibrates. I've calibrated and balanced according to all videos you have, manually and through the app. I update the firmware which was successful and still doesn't work. I know that you guys produce quality products but I may have a faulty one. I also noticed when I first got it it seem to vibrate when lowering to get follow shots but I thought that was maybe because I was new and didn't have it set right. So I stopped doing that. Now it seems to me something just isn't right with this. Any help would be appreciated. If scouting anyone has any tips I’ll be most appreciative. Thanks
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