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moza air 2 wont turn on

Hello, this morning i was updating my moza air 2 and it randomly shut down halfway, i think its because of the batteries kinda moving around on the inside. I tried recharging the batteries and trying it again when they all turned green but still no luck. I got my volt meter to see if the batteries were ok, they all showed 4.18v which was ok for all 4 batteries, since those were 3.7v batteries, and showed that they were all healthy. I tried boot mode by holding two buttons down at the same time and it still didnt work. I tried connecting it to the PC using a C-type cable for BUS3 transfers but it only appeared as a 'unknown device' in the pc and the moza master app was also detecting it as unknown device. when i try turning it on it doesnt light up anything, its just a black screen. Im pretty sure its a corrupted file or something since it happened during it was updating the firmware, so is there any way i could get into the files and replace them with non-corrupted files in the gimbal? or is it done for life..?

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