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Moza air turns off while working

Good morning, I'm sending you from Greece. I have bought Moza air 3 years ago, and in the last week while i'm filming it turns off. Of course it has charged batteries, and the problem is more often, when I turn it upside down, to film from low angle. I tried to make an update and the app on my phone blocked. It doesn't show me anymore what version is, or the battery life. and when I go to settings I can't do anything. It's all locked. I can't even put my camera model. So I tried to upgrade on my desktop..and it's says "server connection error". I also can't find new batteries. So... can you tell me please if i can do something? Yours sincerely, Angelos Kosmadopoulos

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Hello, I have same problem. Did you find sollution?Thanks


No...Moza send me a file to do an upgrade, i did it...but nothing i bought a new one from another brand, cause i was so disappointed..(not so much from the support...but from the gimbal)

Ok. Thank you. Good luck.

Estou com esse mesmo problema, aconteceu depois que fiz a atualização pelo aplicativo.
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