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Aircross 3 has begun spinning wildly on all three axises.

Had mine for about two weeks. Had worked fine. I know how to balance, etc., and have used gimbals before. As of a couple days ago, the gimbal is struggling to maintain horizontal, and, when I pick it up, it begins basically twirling in every direction. It has banged up my camera twice during these seizures. I've updated firmware, calibrated and recalibrated, rebalanced, reset, started everything over, and the same thing happens. Of course incredibly frustrating. Just seeing if anyone has experienced this. Moza doesn't seem to have any troubleshooting guides for this model, I see that peoples' questions aren't getting answered, so, at this point, I'm very concerned I just made a very bad purchase. thanks for any wisdoms from anyone inside or outside the company.

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Tive esse problema, resolvi comprando outro. Infelizmente!
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