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Aircross 3 - error70 with canon 5dm4!

Hello. I've got a big problem:( When I stop recording pressing record button on gimbal (via cable) I get "error 70" on canon! On aircross3 I have latest firmware 1.1.15, canon also have latest firmware. When I try to find solution I found that dji gimbal had the same issue with canon 5d and they fixed with newer firmware.

The Connection is vie M3C-micro. Maybe (GA08) cable solve the problem, should I buy it?
Update. I try my canon 5d with gimbal zhiyun and it works fine. So it is not a problem with my Camera. But I also try to connect my Camera with aircross3 with another cable mini-micro and the connection works, but error70 on canon is stiil there! So it is not a problem with cable or with Camera. It is problem with gimbal, maybe gimbal software?
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